The Innovation Hub will be an environment where the public and entrepreneurs come together to learn more about the latest advances in technology being developed inside companies and university labs (2min read).

The scale of change Artificial Intelligence (Ai) and other new technologies will have on the workplace and daily life over the coming years will be dramatic, potentially impacting jobs, earnings and personal economic security. That is the scare story view; there is though another perspective, which is not all negative. A good proportion of the new technologies will in-fact be removing menial tasks that no one enjoys and few wish to do, creating opportunity to focus on more productive and enjoyable work.


Keeping track of receipts for tax purposes, claim expenses or to provide proof for government assistance or an insurance claim has been a bane for small business owners, employees and private citizens alike.

The options were either spend hours, days and sometimes weeks, sorting all the receipts and typing up the details, or paying someone else to do the task. This is no longer the case if a person owns a camera phone. Receipt Bank, a London based start up, can extract the majority of the information from a photo of a receipt and upload it direct to an accountancy package. What is more, this is now the method expected by the Inland Revenue for businesses, and soon to be the case for individual tax returns. Paper receipts will no longer be valid in the near future.

Yes, some junior filing and sorting jobs will disappear yet this needs to be balanced with time saved, which can be devoted to productive tasks or extra leisure time.

Cafe Style Layout

The Innovation Hub will have a cafe style layout where people can walk in without appointment or expectation to see some of the latest technologies available and learn more. The space will encourage companies to demonstrate their new innovations to the public, receive feedback and answer questions. It will be a space of collaborative development.

The Innovation Hub will be teaming up with trainers, moderators and lectures to provide workshops, training and careers advice for people of all abilities and educational backgrounds.

I am now seeking the location to trial the Innovation Hub and keen to hear from anyone who may be interested or has premises. Get in Touch

John M

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