I had the idea of creating a new type of Innovation Hub for many years. Haphazard Business is my journey to realise that idea.

Creating Something Different

Although there are many excellent Creative and Innovation Hubs, the Hub I am considering is more a hybrid of what already exists, with a few extra bits that may seem unusual and possibly a little ambitious in scale.

The art interventions of the last decade, coupled with my previous decade building a coffee bar chain with performance spaces, which followed the previous decade spent in advertising, will all inform the design of this new space. 

How ideas permeate, and being allowed to morph, will be crucial to the success of this new Hub.  


Monitoring, mentoring and measuring, coupled with awareness of the very latest technologies and research from across academia, not just business and engineering, will be paramount.

The idea here is to have a very accessible space, not specific to any particular age or interest group, or educational attainment.  It will be a safe space, unhurried, which will allow ideas to flourish, be shared, offering a range of perspectives that will merge, diverge and reform.  

In the mind’s eye, I see a host of micro businesses, not unlike the early High Street, clustering together creating a magnet effect, attracting new ideas and interested parties, from which unexpected fruits emerge.

This of course is the Idea, how it becomes real is the focus of Haphazard Business.


Guest Post: Creating A Successful Hub

Image: Leather Lane Market | Photo John McKiernan

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