Every idea has an individual author. 

We all have ideas, all the time! Some flash then are gone. Some gain momentum before fading. On occasions, one pops into the mind and sticks. It develops and leads to something real.  

Idea Factors

What factors bring about an idea in the first place? What needs to happen for an idea to become reality?

An intention of this blog is to encourage people to consider themselves the author of their ideas. By seeing themselves as an author might offer an understanding of how the idea formed? It will allow for reflection on the thoughts and stimulations leading up to an idea forming.

Travelling Intervention

The travelling intervention part of this project intends to be a kind of “living metaphor”. It will seek out interesting people to discuss how their ideas formed and morphed. It will shine a light on the shift from having an idea to making it a reality. And is it the same process for creating a product as an artwork, a service or a business model?

AND… already we have a problem – is having a thought the same as having an idea? Time to delve in…

John M

Photo: Moonset by John McKiernan ©2021 | All rights Reserved 2022

2 thoughts on “AUTHORING IDEAS

  1. re. “is having a thought the same as having an idea?”

    I would say: not the same, but they are similar. I posit, for your consideration, that an “idea” (at least, in the context that I think you’re setting up) is a “thought” with an element of intent.

    For example, I guess you had a thought that the picture of a sunrise (or sunset?) above was evocative of “breakthrough”. This is just an association. But you also had the idea of using it (the intent) to illustrate the notion of idea formation (and, barely stated here, the realization of an idea as some reality).

    Thus I suggest that “thoughts” subsume ideas (all ideas are also thoughts), but not all thoughts are ideas.


    1. Thanks Graham for a fantastic comment, really thought provoking although my own mind is not made up on the very strong points you make.

      The question ‘thought vs idea’ originated from a conversation with artist Rotten Bliss, while we discussed this upcoming project. One of the issues I am grappling is whether ideas have to have ‘intent’. Ideas can sometimes just seem to “Pop!” into the mind, as with the sun in the photo, suddenly appearing between two layers of cloud as seen at 36,000feet. Is there always intent in a Pop! moment?

      On the Auditing Haphazard post I had touched previously on the issues around intent.
      “Chance vs. Randomness is a another vexed issue, no doubt keeping many a philosopher awake at night, which also has implications for understanding Haphazard. We may then also possibly need, by implication, to consider Intention (Purpose) vs. Accidental action.”

      I will be commenting further on this soon. John M

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