The UK education system is task driven, yet humans work in constant process and it is rare for there to be a final outcome.

The Artistic Process

For many, if not all conceptual artists, ‘Process’ is what interests them most; rarely will they be motivated by a final piece of work.  

For non-artist, this may be the most difficult part of an artists’ character to understand and can quickly cause frustration.  It is the examination of Process that makes artists stand out from the majority of the population who, in generalising terms, are task or outcome driven.  

It is Process that drives social innovation, science, engineering and invention and why The Arts are instrumental to human progress.   

Debatable?  Of course!  Wrong? Certainly not!


Haphazard Business will compare these two quite separate ways of engaging in the World and seek to demonstrate how the vast majority of individuals throughout society live within a constant Process and rarely reach a finished article.  


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    Issues that come to mind re: artistic process are many: – drive, resources, space, time, environment, finances, influences, knowledge, physical/psychological state, interests, abilities, emerging/existing technologies, culture, gender and so on. Some people may view these factors as opportunities others as restrictions.

    Seems there is rarely any proper completion, just one thing leads to another to another – gradually building a bigger matrix that is never completed. Although sections of the matrix can be finished i.e. a gallery exhibition of your work – this is merely a part that feeds into the whole. And others can and do feed into this network which keeps things mutating, evolving and expanding.

    1. Thanks Darren, as an artist I am not surprised by your comment here, but I wonder how it would be read by a non-artist. This idea of feeding the whole might help explain the way artists view their work and the world generally, each piece is just part of a life’s work? For the non-artist, doing ‘everyday’ work, tasks might be seen more in isolation or as a silo job, with little or no consideration of the whole. John M

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