On Sunday 2nd June 2019, I collected Brook, artist Clare Pattinson’s super cool trailer (sounds better than camper) from Cliftonville, Margate to begin my Haphazard Business journey around England. Over the next 6 weeks or so, the plan is to travel around England in search of interesting places, businesses, art and fascinating people who have followed through on an idea and made it a reality.

Daily dispatches will encompass stories, interviews, photos and occasional videos and sound recordings.


There is no fixed route or plan beyond discovery. The idea for this stage of the project is to flow with the tide and be open to allowing events to dictate the direction of travel. I put a call out to friends on Facebook detailing my project and have received a number of invitations that I will follow up.

Thank You

The ever helpful Polly High, carpenter, artist and founder of now infamous Penny Rope fitted the battery and the fabulous Paul Cole washed the windows and front while I loaded, with Missus Cole dutifully providing direction and questions to Paul on how he intended to clean the tea towel he was using. As soon as turned her back, Paul and I were gone and nipped across to Daytona Beach (as photo clearly proves!) for half of pina colada.

Many thanks also goes out to artists and others in my Platform-7 network for their unstinting support.

From personal Facebook post to friends.

If you are somewhere interesting let me know, my planning is deliberately haphazard and I could end up anywhere.

Cheers John M

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