The law is often portrayed in the media as Haphazard.  Even from within the legal profession there can be criticism of the manner in which some legislation or legal precedent has emerged. 

Yet, for all its archaic practices and perplexing rulings, the legal system does work – most of the time!

Ideas Law

How a law comes into being might be a good way to compare how an idea comes to fruition.  

Law sets societial rules, yet when a law is first created, it would have been responding to some kind of societal change, outcry or innovation. The analogy this conjures is whether an idea emerges from circumstances or does the idea dictate the circumstances? 

Judging Ideas

The law is an arbiter of disputes and competing interests; the pinch point when conflicting viewpoints cannot be reconciled. Could a similar balance that a Judge is required to pertain, for the law to appear fair, be developed to assist in deciding if an idea is worth pursuing? 

Haphazard Index (Hi)

How laws are created and applied will be used as a measure when creating the Haphazard Index (Hi).

John M

Image: Painful Parking | John McKiernan

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