When is it good to push on with an idea and when is it best to just let it fade away? 

After running smoothly with the new battery, Brook’s engine began cutting out when in first gear last week, eventually needing a garage. With the problem being a bit of a mystery, a decision was taken to abandon this part of the project.

Making A Decision

Some of the World’s greatest breakthroughs were brought about by a fixation with an idea. Yet the same kind of intransigence that leads to important inventions can also lead to some of the greatest failures. Balancing dogged determination with pragmatism was a major part of this Haphazard investigation.  It took almost a week to finally make a decision whether to keeping going with Brook or to stop completely. Just to see through an idea like this project was not worth the risk of breaking down on a motorway or some hill in Yorkshire.

I have several posts more to write up and then I need to decide what I will do next with Haphazard Business?

John M

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