The first Haphazard innovation hub will open in January 2020, following ten months of assessing various locations, attending numerous events and conducting intensive research on the likely future impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

Innovation Hub

Stonecutters Space in Great Yarmouth will be the inaugural Haphazard Business innovation hub, completing the first part of this blog journey, which sought to understand how the concept of creating a hub meanders from an abstract idea to becoming reality.

The Platform-7 Methodology

The hub will employ methods developed during the Platform-7* art interventions over the previous decade. The space will begin life very slowly, almost imperceptibly, with gradual repairs and change as a representation of how the 4IR^ is sneaking up on the vast majority of UK residents, almost unnoticed. ^ Read ‘What is 4IR?‘ here.

Introducing 4IR

The hub will be an intriguing 4IR introduction, and the potential it may offer business, government, charities and individuals in a town like Great Yarmouth. Visitors will be introduced to a dizzying array of new technologies and possibilities; Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), semantic technologies, Nanotechnology, Virtual Reality (VR), robotics and much more will feature.

Opportunities Galore

The 4IR offers enormous opportunities for businesses and other organisations to develop new and innovative profitable enterprise, reducing drudgery and improving efficiency and wellbeing within the workplace.

There is also potential for individuals to quite literally change their life and/or circumstances through a welter of applications that offer everything from self-education to personal mobility.

Haphazard Business Journey To Date

Haphazard Business is a journey in understanding how ideas become reality. The idea of creating a hub has been on my mind for more than 10 years. Having worked in some dynamic businesses and created several businesses myself, I have always been fascinated how haphazard running a business can actually be, regardless of planning and preparation. Near enough all businesses go through periods of haphazardness, as does life itself.

This blog will continue plotting the journey of the hub and future developments as they happen. At some point in the future it may prove useful to someone, somewhere.


Platform-7 is a loose network of artists, technicians, academics, researchers and makers who come together for art interventions in public spaces discussing topics of social significance. Although The Stonecutters Space will be a commercial business endeavour, the hub will draw particularly from Moonbow Margate (2011) and Waste Agency (2014-15) in developing the innovation hub.

John M

Comments and suggestion welcome below.


    1. Thanks Fae, the best way to keep in touch is to click ‘Follow’ below and then have each post direct to your inbox. There are a few more announcements in coming days. There will be videos and posts updating on progress, allowing people to follow the whole journey, worts ‘n all. Come visit anytime from February 2020.

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