An important challenge will be defining keywords, unpicking the literal meaning while acknowledging the colloquial ways in which certain words are used. 

Early on it became apparent there exists contradictions between the dictionary definition and local understanding.  One example is Google’s description of Haphazard:

haphazard/ hapˈhazəd/  adjective

  1. lacking any obvious principle of organization.

“the music business works in a haphazard fashion”

The meaning attached to the word ‘lacking any obvious principle of organisation’ could be said to contradict the example then provided ‘the music business works…’.  How does something work in a ‘haphazard fashion’?

Trying to understand whether Haphazard is different to – or same as – words like, Random, Chaotic or Chance, is necessary to avoid confusion or argument later.   To assist, a Glossary has been created to provide online definitions and add local interpretations as they are discovered. Over time it should confirm the present consensus (or not) and allow new interpretations to emerge.

John M

Image H | David Kendall Studio

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