An important challenge for the Haphazard Business blog will be defining keywords. Misinterpretation of words often creates conflicts. Conflict can emerge when applying literal meaning when the intent is figurative. Or vice versa. Misunderstood colloquial terms and expressions can generate the wrong impression. 

Early on it became plain contradictions exist. The dictionary definition does not always translate to local understanding.  One example is Google’s description of Haphazard:

haphazard/ hapˈhazəd/  adjective

  1. lacking any obvious principle of organization.

“the music business works in a haphazard fashion”

‘Lacking any obvious principle of organisation’ contradicts the example ‘the music business works’. Or does it?  How can something work ‘in a haphazard fashion’?

Is Haphazard different – or same – as Random, Chaotic or Chance? I have created a Glossary to provide definitions and add local interpretations. 

How does a business form? What informs the decisions, and why do some seem worth persuing while others just fade away? That is the purpose of this blog. To try and understand how the journey informs the outcome.

John M

This blog post updated in December 2021.

Image H | David Kendall Studio

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