Haphazard Business is a Journey of Discovery seeking to understand how ideas form and become reality.

This is not a Science Project. This is a shifting art research intervention, a kind of “living metaphor”, asking how seemingly Haphazard* thoughts morph into an idea that then becomes a strategy, artwork, product or business.

Originally the plan was only to investigate the stage between an idea forming and it becoming real, yet this immediately ran into problems and was abandoned; demonstrating first hand the Haphazard nature of developing an idea!

Setting The Scene

The idea is to create a new type of Innovation Hub.

Early blog posts provide background to some of the challenges with creating this project, for example distinguishing specific meaning and order of words; do thoughts precede ideas or are thoughts and ideas the same thing?

As the author, my own motives, methodologies and drivers need explaining as do terms like ‘art intervention‘, as this will prove important in understanding how the project evolves. The dying art of storytelling will be an essential element throughout and used to express how the author fits within a narrative and that of its retelling.


The intent beyond the initial blog posts is to follow whatever path the project presents. Distinguishing between what is my conscious intent and what is the project path will be one of the more interesting aspects, probably requiring an outsider to discern whether I led the project or it led me.


The ultimate goal is to open a new kind of Innovation Hub within an old shopping centre or high street based on the learning gathered here.

Let The Journey Begin…

The early blog posts will delve into some of the challenges facing this project, even before considering the philosophical and academic counter that such an undertaking is likely to attract.

There will then be some travelling around England in search of interesting people who may have something to say on the subject of ideas, and then after that? Who knows!

Guest Posts and Articles Welcome, and feel free to comment at the bottom of each page (see safe space).

*Where there is a Capital letter on a word that is not a name or beginning of a sentence, it will be a keyword that can be found in the Glossary.

John McKiernan, 25th April 2019

Image: Setting Goals | John McKiernan (2019)

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