An art intervention is an intensive creative response in a public space, normally over an extended period, exploring a theme, object or crisis.  

Often political in nature, interventions use abstract art and performance as a form of public engagement to research and better understand the subject of interest.

Platform-7 Events

Since 2008, through the moniker of Platform-7, I have been curating large-scale art interventions exploring how people reach their view on conflict, war, displacement, regeneration, technology, environment and the economy.  

For Haphazard Business, I will call on this research and learning to try and unpick the Haphazard journey of taking an idea and making it real. 

Safe Space

Platform-7 interventions worked because people felt comfortable enough not to feel they were being attacked for their viewpoint or lack of understanding.  

Haphazard Business will apply the same methods and rules to this website, where the majority of the intervention will play-out. 

Provocations are to stimulate thought, consideration and discussion.  I will moderate all comments and guest posts, although I do not expect to agree with all what is written.  Accepted comments and guest posts should not be treated as endorsements.  

This website is intended to develop a better understanding of how ideas come about and why some become real and others disappear. 

The longer term goal is to create a Innovation Hub, maybe in an old shopping centre, and apply the learning from this project and all previous interventions. 

I hope you will contribute, John

Image: Up The Line (2009) | Photo Lisa Testori

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