Elements of AI is a FREE online course from the University of Helsinki. It is available for anyone wishing to understand the basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It describes what is possible (and not possible) with AI and how it affects our lives. The course has no complicated math or programming requirements.

Self-Education Like Never Before

An important strand of the new Innovation Hub (beginning Feb2020) will be free expert courses. The hub will encourage people to take advantage of the welter of FREE AI technology and self-learning courses available.

This course is from Reaktor and the University of Helsinki. They joined together to help people become empowered by AI rather than threatened.

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Growing Fast

The course has over 220,000 registered students so far and has been ranked on Class Central as one of the highest-quality free online courses. The course in available in English, Finnish, Swedish and Estonian.

Available in All EU Languages by 2021

The Finnish Presidency of the Council of the EU has decided to invest in people’s future skills and will make the Elements of AI online course freely available in all official EU languages by 2021. See more information here.


The course was designed by Reaktor and the University of Helsinki. The lead instructor of the course is Associate Professor Teemu Roos. The creator of the original course concept is Ville Valtonen, Head of Online Education at Reaktor. The course is a part of the AI Education programme of the Finnish Center for AI, and offered in cooperation with The Open University, and Mooc.fi. ( https://course.elementsofai.com )

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