During winter 2020, new types of retail and workspace hubs will slowly emerge within some old buildings near the High Street in the English coastal town of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, reflecting the enviable change new AI technological innovations will impose on society.

New Stage

This blog is embarking on the next stage of a journey exploring how an idea becomes reality, by creating new public facing innovation hub(s) that embrace the opportunities associated with the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution, or 4IR, as it is has been coined by the World Economic Forum.

Blog Intention

The 50+ blog posts to date* have documented how this point has been reached, and are intended to assist or inspire any entrepreneur, whether business, charity or creative, in their quest to create a new organisation.

The key aim here has been to document how thinking and ideas meander, often appearing Haphazard, a normal process when making any idea a reality. Click Follow below, to keep up with the story as it unfolds.

John M

*Click the hamburger (3 lines in top left corner) for posts

Blog History To Date

– Initial “ABOUT” post, April 2019

– Updated WELCOME TO post from September 2019^

BROOK, the camper van that kicked off the idea of Haphazard in March 2019

GLOSSARY – Deciphering how individual words affect the interpretation of Haphazard

^ Unfortunately I wrote over the top of the first Welcome post and cannot find a copy on my Mac, silly error! JM

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